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The unique quality of SVEN handbag leather is insured by hand selecting every hide. We use American tanned hides, and choose only the best in tactile quality, strength, character, color richness, and grain.

The sensuous hand of SVEN’s unique leather is your assurance of vat dyed, full-grain hides with amazing durability. Distinctive variances in texture, shading, and markings are evidence of genuine origin.

leather care

SVEN’s leather has an inherent beauty which is only enhanced over time. Replenishing your leather with a leather conditioner will allow your SVEN product to age with grace. We recommend a once yearly application of a high quality conditioner specifically for nude leathers. Before applying any conditioner, test it on a small area first and allow it to dry completely to insure satisfactory effects. We suggest testing on the back of your strap.

In the case that your SVEN product gets water soaked, simply allow it to air dry. Repeated soakings or extreme weather conditions may require more than the recommended once yearly conditioning to restore the luster of the leather. Beverage spills should be washed with clean water and a soft cloth to avoid stain formation. Ink marks and oil stains are best left alone and allowed to wear off over time.

Unfortunately, SVEN does not offer a cleaning or refurbishing service. Our Repair Department only deals with structural issues. The above recommendations are for the continual care of your SVEN product

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